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Our Process

Our Process

We work with you to create the space you envision

Manekin Construction adheres to a strategic process that is client-centered, based on value engineering, and capable of fast-tracking to execute cost-effective solutions that optimize the scope and budget of every project entrusted to us.

Client-Centered Planning and Execution

We Listen. Understanding your objectives is our priority. As the client, your involvement in the planning process guarantees the completion of a facility that will exceed your expectations. Manekin Construction also works closely with architects and engineers to ensure that preliminary estimates and final costs are consistent. We combine your needs with our extensive experience to create spectacular results and enduring structures. For years to come, you will remember your experience with Manekin as nothing less than remarkable.

Value Engineering

Stretch your Construction Dollars. "Value Engineering" is a specific method of analyzing function and best value - in other words, balancing worth and cost. If your project is not within budget, Manekin can provide this service to help establish immediate and long term cost savings. Our involvement early in the project's design phase allows us to effectively evaluate critical design choices that can affect new life cycle cost savings in areas such as energy conservation and sustainability.

Fast-Track Capability

Efficiency is a Priority. We understand the adage "time is money". And we know how important it is to accurately and efficiently complete projects through construction. Manekin's vast experience with logical governments and utility providers enables us to expedite the permitting approval process. Potential long lead times that can negatively impact the project's schedule are also identified, allowing for quick rectification, eliminating opportunities for delay and ensuring on-time completion.

Our Process

Our Process